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  • I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for us with booking the cruise and all your advice and suggestions. We had the most magical time and made so many great memories! We Loved our waitstaff, they provided the best service to us and especially the kids! We loved every bit of it and hope to go again in the future. We just completed our 14 days of self isolation since returning home. The ship was kept very clean and we had no worries once we were on the ship. Thanks again for everything! Kelly M - March 2020
  • "When first planning my trip to Disney World I was excited but it did not take long to feel overwhelmed. I am so thankful I contacted Magic Planners to guide me. They help organize the layout of my week with respect to what parks to go to and on what days and where to eat. They provided a detail plan of what to do at the parks and how to get it all done in the most efficient way. Also, their list of "must do's" at each park along with an age appropriate guide for each ride was so helpful. My experience at Disney World would not have been the same without the help they provided. Thank you Magic Planners" Jody Shepley - 2012

  • "We would like to thank you for your timely planning for our recent trip to Disney. Not only did our Magic Planners help us know where to get started, which saved us time both in our own time management plan but as well it saved us valuable time waiting in lines at the parks. Another huge help was your recommendations for restaurants along with the reservations you made for us. I first thought this would be too strict of a schedule but once there, found that the reservations are flexible and never had to wait to sit down for a meal. Thank you! Thank you!" Di Lauzon - January 2012

  • "My family and I planned a trip to Walt Disney World in 2011. Although I had been before many years ago, I relied completely on the tips, tricks and knowledge that the Magic Planners have accumulated from their many visits to the Disney properties. From recommendations of the best restaurants to visit, both on and offsite, to what time of day is the best to get on your favourite ride or see the most awesome attraction, they have it all down pat. Without having a game plan before the trip, there is no way you can do and see as much as we were able to! I would highly recommend Magic Planners - what a great experience!" Kristie Sabga - 2011

  • "Marsha had planned our itinerary for our 2010 trip to Disney. She took into account the ages of our children and their interests and planned the perfect trip for us! Without her extensive knowledge and expertise we would have missed out on so much! Our days were mapped out in such a way that they just "flowed" rather than seem scheduled. With your help we were able to see all the main attractions, avoid the major line ups for rides and she also provided us with great suggestions for restaurants and when is the best time for reservations! Without your assistance we would have missed a lot, we would have spent more time in lines and on buses, she really helped us maximize or time on our trip. For somebody like myself that loves Disney but finds it a bit overwhelming right from the initial booking to planning our days in the park, your assistance and planning was awesome! Marsha provided our family with the best value options and by far the best trip. Thanks!" Linda Greenwood - 2010

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